Pectin in the Dietology

Unlike other dietary fiber, pectin slows the passage of food through the colon, because of increasing its viscosity. Thus, food assimilation is more complete, and therefore organism needs less food. This characteristic is very valuable to those who sits on a diet for weight loss. Also pectin binds carbohydrates that affect weight gain.

Another positive quality of pectin is in its effect on motor function of the intestine. Pectin in the intestinal tract acts as an adsorbent and cleans the intestinal walls of fat and toxic substances. Another important fact is that pectin can excrete radionuclides, stagnant fat and excess cholesterol. These positive qualities ease further process of losing weight.

Diet is very effective in cases with the weight accumulated over the years and is already fixed. Stagnant fat is much harder to break than edematous fat accumulated within six months. According to dieticians pectin diet easily copes with body fat and body cleansing. According to the research, it is proved that consumption of 25 grams of apple pectin extract can reduce weight by 300 grams.

So, for the weight losing Pectin extract has such properties:

• Excretes cholesterol and stagnant fat cells, toxins and radionuclides

• Reduces appetite, resulting in reduced daily calorie intake

• Excellent impact on intestinal microflora