Pectin’s use

Preventive use

In today’s world the problem of reducing of adverse effects on the body is becoming more and more actual. Therapeutical and preventive nutrition is the simplest and the most effective method for health maintenance. Nutrition optimization can improve the body’s resistance against negative environmental factors.

Pectin as a prophylactic agent creates conditions in the intestines that hinder the livelihood of causative agents of intestinal infections and provide, therefore, a protective effect. In addition, pectin creates conditions that hinder the development of dysbiosis.

Pectin considerably decreases the influence of environmental hazards – absorbs and removes heavy metals, chemicals that come into the body under conditions of high gas concentration, and others, which can accrue in the body and intoxicate it.

Intestinal infections, dysbiosis and intoxication

The intestinal infection pathogens get into healthy human’s body with food. For example, serious intoxication can occur after eating contaminated food which was not maintained properly. The result is a rapid development of microbes. In the best case it threatens with diarrhea. In the worst – with the infectious Diseases Hospital.

Acute intestinal infections are accompanied by the development of dysbiosis, or this condition develops after antibiotic usage.

The effects of pectin are focused on pathogens that produce toxic substances. Pectin blocks them, absorbs and removes from the body. Useful bacteria do not suffer from this.

Nowadays completely healthy people are rare. To protect yourself and your loved ones, you must have Pectin extract in your home medicine cabinet, unique way of first aid, which solves easily and quickly intestinal infections problems in both children and adults. It can happen in every family. Take care of yourself!

In oncology practice

Pectin substances affect the intercellular interactions. American oncologists from the Michigan Cancer Foundation have found that cancer cells and pectin form a strong complex. According to scientists, galactose structure in pectin macromolecule binds protein complexes on the surface of cancer cells, which are responsible for “sticking” to the healthy tissue, and thus impedes the process of metastasis.

Nowadays cancer is a curable disease. In the treatment of cancer currently surgical treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are used. Unfortunately, the use of these methods is usually accompanied by complications. Therapy brings positive results, however not everyone can stand it.

Pectin helps the body withstand drugs and cope with the disease. It quickly and effectively removes toxins, fully normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, removes diarrhea, improves appetite, and increases the quality of treatment and life.

Allergy and diathesis

Detoxifying qualities of pectin substances stipulate their use for the treatment of allergic diseases, including children’s diathesis. It’s been found that after taking one teaspoon of pectin extract 3 times a day 20 minutes before feeding for 2 weeks, there is a positive effect: reduction of cutaneous manifestations of diathesis and intestine dysfunction, mood and appetite improvement.

In surgical practice

Haemostatic qualities of pectin preparations use for pulmonary, esophagus, stomach and intestines hemorrhage, in dentistry and hemophilia, gynecological diseases. One of the most interesting and most effective uses of pectin in medicine is their use in surgical practice in the treatment of wounds and burns. Wounds treated by pectin extract do not inflame and heal quickly.


Results of clinical observations also confirm the ability of pectin to decrease blood cholesterol level. In addition, pectin is used as hypoglycemic remedy.

In patients with diabetes pectins reduce the rate of increased glucose in the blood after a meal, without changing the concentration of insulin in the blood plasma. Remember that a positive effect can be achieved only if use 10 grams of pectin (250 g pectin extract).

Other indications

Pectin is also used in:

  • highly active remedy treatment for radiation sickness;
  • treatment of intoxicating by heavy metals, various intoxications of the body;
  • treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • polyarthritis and other diseases of the joints;
  • preventive method when working with toxic substances;
  • structuring of drugs in pharmacy.